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Insurance Safety Tips for New Homeowners

Insurance Safety Tips for New Homeowners

Homeowners insurance protects you and your family from having absorbing the full costs of repairs and related expenses related to property damage caused by burglaries. Here are some steps you can take to reduce theft risks to your home:

Home Protection 

Your home should have the following setup:
  • Home security system to keep thieves away, either with noise or automatic calls to police
  • Strong exterior doors made of either metal or solid wood to provide protection
  • Outside lighting, which helps deter thieves
  • Blocked basement windows or locked window well covers to keep thieves from accessing the basement
  • Pet door locks, so that pets don’t help thieves gain a point of entry into the home

Theft Prevention Tips

Consider the following to avoid theft:

  • Putting safes or lock boxes, where personal information should be stored, in hidden areas of the house. Placing them in the basement or the lowest level reduces possible heat damage from fire.
  • Placing ladders, tools or other objects in locked garages and sheds to prevent home entry.
  • Closing blinds or curtains so that potential thieves can’t see inside your home and take stock.

There is much you can do to protect your home from burglars. Visit Advanced-Insurance.Net to learn more insurance  safety tips for new homeowners.