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Hurricane & Flood Insurance Coverage

Hurricane and flood damage can range from broken shingles to complete destruction. No matter the severity of the damages, you don’t want to be stuck paying the price on your own. That’s why Advanced Insurance Net in Palm Bay, FL, offers flood and hurricane insurance to protect you from the potential costs of extreme weather.

Flood and Hurricane Insurance in Palm Bay, FL

What Is Flood Insurance?

In Florida, homeowners are at a greater risk of flooding due to our frequent storms and proximity to the ocean. Unfortunately, many insurance plans do not include flood insurance coverage. As such, additional flood insurance coverage must be purchased to safeguard your property from these severe natural disasters.

House in Florida protected by flood insurance during a storm in Palm Bay, Florida

The Importance of Flood Insurance

Flood insurance protects your home or business from the significant expenses associated with remedying flood damage. While the cost of flood insurance may seem high, it is far more cost-effective than paying for repairs in the aftermath of a flood. Even one inch of flooding can result in an upward of $25,000 in damages.

Flood Insurance Program & Coverage

It’s imperative to purchase flood insurance prior to a natural disaster to ensure coverage, as many policies require 30 days before coverage takes effect. The National Flood Insurance Program is essential. It protects property owners from the escalating cost of flooding with different policy tiers available to ensure you receive the protection you need.

Preparing to File a Claim

Being prepared is the first step to filing an insurance claim. Before a natural disaster, be sure to have updated photos or videos of your property to provide to insurance. Additionally, while cleaning the aftermath of the natural disaster, document damaged and lost belongings and hold on to receipts if possible.

How to File a Claim

Once you have documented your lost or damaged belongings and prepared before and after photographs of your property, gather any pertinent personal information your insurance provider may request. These crucial steps will ensure the best claim payment for your case.

What Is Hurricane Insurance?

Hurricane insurance claims are tricky to navigate. Despite the name, this type of coverage refers to hurricane wind damage. For areas such as Palm Bay, FL, hurricane insurance includes a separate deductible that covers wind damage acquired during hurricanes. Does hurricane insurance cover flooding? Flood insurance is not immediately included unless you purchase an additional policy.

Commonly Covered Factors

It’s important to understand what is covered by hurricane insurance. The commonly covered factors include:

  • Your home
  • Structures on your property, including fences, sheds, garages, etc.
  • Personal belongings, including furniture and clothing
  • Temporary relocation
  • Essentials such as food, water, and gas
  • Awnings, carports, and enclosures when you purchase hurricane screen enclosure endorsement policies

Commonly Excluded Factors

Hurricane insurance coverage typically does not cover storm surge damage, even if associated with hurricane activity. In addition, it does not cover flooding. However, if your property is impacted by water damage as a result of wind damage, that may be covered depending on your provider based on the details of your claim.

How Do Hurricane Deductibles Work?

Hurricane insurance has a separate deductible from the standard AOP deductible used to cover fire, theft, or vandalism. Hurricane deductibles are a percentage of the coverage you have for your property. For instance, $300,000 in property coverage with a 2% deductible would leave your out-of-pocket hurricane claim cost at $6,000.

Additional Hurricane Coverage

Standard hurricane insurance often does not cover specific types of losses. For protection and total peace of mind, additional hurricane coverage is highly beneficial. We recommend collecting quotes and reviewing various additional coverage options. To cover certain important belongings, you may choose to add an additional policy or endorsement.

When Should Homeowners Buy Hurricane Insurance?

As with any type of insurance, purchasing hurricane insurance before disaster strikes is important. Many hurricane insurance providers place binding prohibitions and moratoriums on their plans, meaning your ability to buy coverage or switch companies will be delayed. Additionally, moratoriums may be placed 24-48 hours before a storm, preventing last-minute coverage.

Hurricane vs Flood Insurance

The line between hurricane and flood insurance is complicated. Hurricane insurance will likely cover the costs if your home is impacted by water damage due to wind damage tearing off the roof. However, if your home is intact, but your street has flooded, leading to water damage, you will need flood insurance to cover the damages.

Choose Advanced Insurance Net in Palm Bay, FL

Choose optimal property protection against natural disasters. With over 30 years of time-honored experience, Advanced Insurance Net provides a broad range of insurance services that bring protection and peace of mind to Palm Bay, FL, residents. Count on us for comprehensive coverage and personalized plans that cater to your needs.

Let’s Discuss Flood & Hurricane Insurance

Hurricane season brings a certain level of dread, but that doesn’t mean you have to face potential damage alone. Advanced Insurance Net is here to satisfy your flood and hurricane insurance needs. Contact us today to explore our coverage options.

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